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iTalkBB Chinese TV
Get the home phone and iTalkBB Chinese TV bundle: only pay $59.99/year for Chinese TV
Stand alone Chinese TV at only 14.99/month
Price: $14.99/mo
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Exclusive new Movies

2019 TV Dramas

Playback within 72 Hours

New User Interface

Unlimited shows and movies on demand

Live Channels from China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan

Play Local Videos

Easy Installation

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Exclusive Latest Movies

iTalkBB Chinese TV offers you the latest movies that are fully copyright granted. You can watch popular Chinese movies in full HD at home without additional cost. It uses the most cutting-edge image processing technology to provide you with full HD quality. Enjoy the most loved high-speed and action-packed movies, or even suspenseful urban dramas in your home through high-quality imagery and audio qualities!

Unlimited movies and shows on demand

iTalkBB Chinese TV provides you with unlimited movies, TV series, shows, and kids' programs, which are also on demand at no additional cost. Enjoy unlimited fun viewing with a single click!

Live Channels from China, Hong Kong ,and Taiwan

iTalkBB Chinese TV offers over 60 popular live channels directly from mainland China, Hong Kong ,and Taiwan. You can watch Chinese news, the latest TV series, shows, and other television programs with your friends and family!

Playback Available Within 72 Hours

With the 72-hour playback feature, you never miss any of your favorite programs. Whether it's the daily news or the Chinese New Year Gala, you can access anything within the last 72 hours on iTalkBB Chinese TV.

Stream Your Own Video

You can stream your own videos or browse through your photos using iTalkBB Chinese TV box. Just connect your mobile device (for example, by USB, mobile, or hard drive) to the USB ports on the top of the box, then click "Play Local Video" on the bottom of the home page to easily access any videos, music, and photos on your mobile device.

Copyrighted TV Contents

iTalkBB Chinese TV contents are all copyright protected. We guarantee that all our programs both have reliable and sustainable user access. you don’t have to worry about any interruptions or instability of the programs which are provided by iTalkBB Chinese TV.

Enjoy the Incredible 1080p HD Quality

iTalkBB Chinese TV uses the cutting-edge digital imaging technology to upgrade your TV experience instantly!

New User Interface

The upgraded iTalkBB Chinese TV box brings you a completely brand new experience! That features a more user-friendly interface and streamlined operating system. Convenience at your fingertips.

Easy Installation

The installation is easy and can be completed within 5 minutes. Just plug the TV box in a power outlet and connect it to your TV with an HDMI cable and then you're good to go!